Carolyn Suniga, LCSW


Carolyn Suniga, LCSW

Carolyn is a Greene County, Indiana based Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has experience as a Counselor, Conflict Mediator, Debriefer, and Advocate for Restorative Justice. She has experience working with victims of crime, offenders, and persons who are disenfranchised, offering grief and loss recovery work, Trauma Informed Care, along with Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy. After working for Vincennes University and Indiana State University; Carolyn realized that "one person can make a difference for others." She was mentored by leaders in education and faith-based fields to aid her work in helping others. Today, she holds two Masters degrees; along with her Certification in Conflict Mediation. She has published Public Sentiment and Last Forty Years of War for her MSW, BSW thesis on Adult Children of Alcoholics, and her first thesis; Criminal Justice Risk and Need for Reassessment. When not planning to write books, she tends her garden, rides her bicycle, bakes, and travels.

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